BIO, stand for The British Informatics Olympia, is the national computing competition for schools and colleges. I'm currently preparing for this competition hence I have to read lot's of books. Some of them are really cool and useful..For example Hacker's delight by Henry S. Warren, JR. is a book talk about how to let computer THINK in binary instead of decimal and to compute in the most efficient way.

AS exam countdown is an web-app.
I came out with this ideal last year when I was talking my "first" AS exam. I fount that there isn't any countdown apps on iPhone can satisfy me, they are too complicated, not straight forward, the text are too small and hard to see. So I start to make my own countdown app and finished with this. It's only available for my self cause all of the subjects on it are mine, but I'm planning to expand it so every one can use it.

LssnA* is another web-app I've made.
During the lesson, it tells you time left till the end of lesson and what your next lesson is.
During the break (Morning, Break, LunchTime etc.)it tells you what lessons you are having after the break.
At the end of the day it tells you lessons for tomorrow.
You can view your full timetable at anytime by click the navigation tab at the top of the screen.
It's going to support all the students in Aldenham however I don't want to let my user type in all the timetable by them self hence I'm asking teacher to make an school database API for us to use.

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