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Last updated 31/01/2017

Hiya, my name is Mangle and this is my personal website (obviously). I post some weird thoughts here as well as cool things I've made.

I'm a 2nd year undergraduate physicist, amateur photographer and terribly bad programmer.

I was born in Taiwan, but I attended the first 4 years of my education at a primary school in Xi'An, China, which is my mum's home town. After that I went back to Taiwan and studied in a family school for another 4 years. It's called a family school because it runs in the house of a man who is not certificated as a teacher, yet really good at teaching. For more details follow this link to a page that hasn't been created. Then, after another 2 years in a international school in GuangDong, China, I came to England and started doing my A-Level.

Now I'm studying a four years MSci Physics course at Imperial College London.


I have a very board range of interests, some of them are hard to describe and classify... So I'll start with the easy one: programming.

I'm still constructing my "Projects" page, which will be a page that displays all the things I've made. But for now I'll just list a few here:

I've actually made a lot more but these are the ones that I'm satisfied.

As you can tell most things I've made are based on website programming which includes HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery and PHP. It is my major interest hence also my most advanced skill, but I'm also good at using other programming language like Python to achieve algorithm. I also play around things like Arduino and Processing.


Enough programming, now here comes my second interest - photography,

I'll try to write more about this section, but for now you can check my Flick page for some photo I've taken.

I'm using a Sony alpha-99 with a Sony 50mm f/1.4 lens. I've also got a 16mm fisheye f/2.8 and a 70-400mm f/5.6 lenses.


To be honest I don't even know what type of musics I like.. I like Pop, but I don't like cheesy Pop, I think they are like gossip news which targets the softest spot of human beings in a mechanical, almost heartless way. I think sometime pop stars write songs that themselves don't actually connect with.

I also believe that if you hear a song enough times eventually you'll start to like it. I also believe sometimes it takes time for you to fall in love with a song. The song All I Ask in Adele's album 25, is a good example of the later, it has a long chorus which when you listen to the first few times it made you feel a bit too much, a bit messy, but after you knew how the melody goes it became quite addictive.

I chose my favourite singer to be Tor Miller and Declan McKenna, because both of them are fresh and new which means I don't have that many songs to learn. Tor Miller is a good looking guy who has his unique own style of singing, he's a classically trained pianist, so all his songs started with a piano version which sometimes he plays live on Facebook. Declan McKenna on the other hand, is British, and he has only recently turned 18. However his lyrics are full of his own thoughts on the world and he does some really clever rhythm writings.

My current favourite album is Blurryface by twenty one pilot and Gameshow by Two Door Cinema Club, my current favourite single is Rooting For You by London Grammar.


The best way to contact me is to drop me an email:


I check my email almost every hour so it's quite hard for me to miss your message.

If you live in China, and Google services won't be available, here's my QQ Mail:


I don't check this mailbox as often as I check my Gmail but I'll definitely reply you within a day, providing that it's not being classified as a spam.

If you are using an Apple device and want to iMessage me, you can do it by clicking here.

Here's a list of my social media accounts:

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