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Last updated 22/11/2019

Hi there, my name is Mangle and this is my personal website (obviously). I post some weird thoughts here as well as cool things I've made.

I'm a programmer, photographer, graphic designer, maker and many more...


I have a very board range of interests, some of them are hard to describe and classify... So I'll start with the easy one: programming.

I'm still constructing my "Projects" page, which will be a page that displays all the things I've made. But for now I'll just list a few here:

I've actually made a lot more, I'll try to add them here when I have time.

Most things I've made are based on website programming which includes HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery and PHP. It is my major interest hence also my most advanced skill, but I'm also good at using other programming language like Python for problems involving more Maths and Physics. I also play around things like Arduino and Processing.


I'll try to write more about this section, but for now you can check my Flick page and my Instagram for some photos I've taken.

I'm using a Sony alpha-99 with a Sony 50mm f/1.4 lens. I've also got a 16mm fisheye f/2.8 and a 70-400mm f/5.6 lenses.

Design things

I'm good at Photoshop, Illustrator, and I am familiar with Premiere Pro.

I have moderate Graphic Design knowledges, and have designed several logos/posters/flyers/business cards.

I can also do some 3D modelling and rendering.

See my Bēhance for my design works.


The best way to contact me is to drop me an email:

Personal: ghcpuman902@gmail.com Work: manglekuo@gmail.com

I check my email almost every hour so it's quite hard for me to miss your message.

Here's a list of my social media accounts:

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